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2019 Club Season Teams

Please find the 2019 ST7 Mini Club Teams. Below you will find the athletes names and coach's name. If you click on the coach's picture you can read their bio. In order to get our season off to a fantastic start, we ask that you let us know your commitment to your team and our club by emailing at before 8:00PM on Friday, 8/16/2019. Before you commit, please take the time to read all of the provided information about our mini club and season. If we do not receive an email from you with your commitment by 8:00PM on Friday, then we will assume that you have chosen to not commit and we may offer your position to another athlete. Please let us know if you have any questions. 

ST7 12U

Addison Dible

Alejandra Soto

Ana C. Andrades

Ayanna Gutierrez

Breylan Fairley

Jackie Tommasian

Jenna Brooks

Raelynn Parker

Shelby Stephens

Victoria Stagg

Samuel Torres.jpg

Head Coach

Jasmine Kimpel.jpg

Assistant Coach

ST7 13U

Abigail Jackson

Abigail Mayuski

Addison Ciccotelli

Bailey White

Emily Manning

Gabriela Cobb

Jessica Husebye

Rees Weldon

Rylee Townsend

Valerie Rice

Jorge Vales.jpg

Head Coach

Samuel Torres.jpg

Assistant Coach

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