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2023 - 24 Club Season Team Placement Info
15U - 18U

Welcome to the 2023 - 2024 ST7 Club Volleyball Season. We are excited to kick off the club season this year as we welcome both returning and new athletes. We want to thank all who participated in tryouts. We enjoyed working with each of the young athletes. Although we were not able to place everyone who tried out on a team, we pray that you will continue to pursue your passion for volleyball. Please note that although we had a good number of 16U athletes try out, we were not able to place a 16U team. In placing a team, we must be able to not only place athletes who fall within an age division, we must also have athletes in every position in order to place a competitive team. This season, we simply did not have the combination of positions necessary in this age division to make a competitive team. Please note, at this time, although we have only 5 athletes listed in the 15U team placement information, we know that we will be able to complete filling out this team to be well-rounded and competitive after our August tryout. 


If placed on a team, please take the time to read through everything that you will find posted on this page and in your team's link. At the end of the linked document, you will find the commitment steps with the link to the Handbook and the Statement of Commitment. Please note that some of the information is still tentative. We do anticipate having most of the information finalized by October. In order to commit, you must complete reading the Handbook and electronically sign the Statement of Commitment by 9:00 pm on Friday, July 21st. 


When finished viewing the teams, please click on the link under your team placement list to find important information regarding the season. Please note, if you are committing to the season your signature on the Statement of Commitment and payment of the commitment fee will act as our notification. If you are NOT committing to the season, we do ask that you email us at, to let us know. 

ST7 15U

Head Coach: Jorge Vales

Aubrey Delaney - L/DS

Shaelys Santos - OH/RS

Nicole Spratt - MB/OH

Samantha Blake - S

Shamariyah Peterson - L/DS/OH

ST7 17U

Head Coach: Samuel Torres

Brooke Fintak - OH

Bailey O' Dell - OH/MB

Laila Ellis - MB/RS

Alana Rogin - RS

Joselyn Wanberg - L/DS

Kelsey Berry - MB

Trinity Mitchell - S/RS

Ryleigh Gelatka - OH/DS

ST7 18U

Head Coach: Samuel Torres

Ayanna Blocker - OH/DS

Taylor Demankowski - OH/DS

Ashley Moss - OH/DS

Aliyah Lalmansingh - L

Janine Vales - L

Sara Vandervoort - S/RS

Dakota Krajewski - S/DS

Moira Magnum - RS

Elizabeth Boss - S

Addison Huff - MB

Ryleigh Meeks - RS

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