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We Are
ST7 Volleyball

Women-owned local business

About ST7 Volleyball

ST7 Training Center is a family-owned and operated volleyball club that is small by design and intention.

Established in 2013 by Samuel Torres, a passionate and dedicated teacher, volleyball coach, and professional volleyball athlete. For nine seasons, ST7 has offered top-quality programming where teaching and developing young athletes in the art of competitive volleyball is the top priority. ST7 coaches and staff have an “always coaching” mentality with a goal of holistically developing every athlete to reach their highest potential. Coach Sammy’s vision of a training center where he can share his passion for volleyball in a healthy and encouraging environment has become a reality. ST7 now offers training programs for every age and level of athlete including club teams, elementary, middle, and high school training clinics, beach training, private and semi-private lessons, specialty clinics, camps, and more. ST7 remains grounded in the principles of discipline, respect, and the belief that one should “train a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not turn from it.” Proverbs 22:6


The “S” and “T” in our name refer to our founder and director, Samuel Torres. “7” was the jersey number he wore during his career as a volleyball athlete. It is called a training center because we strongly believe that our training is not just about volleyball; we want to promote a healthy lifestyle involving the art of competitive volleyball and physical training. 

Coach Savannah Hilde
Coach Jorge Vales
Coach Samuel Torres
Robin Leto
Coach Macey McGinnis

The ST7 Way

Coaching Staff

ST7 volleyball coaches are professionals with immense knowledge of the game from both a player’s and coach’s perspective. All ST7 coaches are IMPACT certified. IMPACT stands for increased mastery and professional application of coaching theory; this certification ensures that our coaches continue to grow in the knowledge and mastery of best coaching practices. Our coaches are also SafeSport certified ensuring their abilities to support their athletes both on and off the court. ST7 holds their coaches to high standards of ethical and professional behavior and all of our coaches have undergone a full background check. Our coaching staff is committed to excellence and their greatest reward is the success of your athlete. 

Administrative Staff

ST7 values professionalism both on and off the court. For this reason, ST7 has a dedicated and professional administrative team. Our administrative team handles all of the behind the scenes duties that keeps our club and training center organized and running smoothly. Unbeatable customer service is their mission. Our administrative staff are available at every practice and work around the clock to ensure our athletes, coaches, and parents are kept fully informed. 


ST7 athletes not only receive a top-quality recruiting platform, SportsRecruits, they also receive individualized assistance from our professional recruiting team. Athletes may set up meetings at any time with our recruiting team to help them define their search for the right fit college, craft emails to college coaches, look over their film to help select the best clips, or simply talk through the next steps on through recruiting journey. Helping each of our athletes achieve their personal goals is our top priority whether that be to play volleyball at the collegiate level or to simply find the best college for their major. Our size allows us the time and resources to dedicate to each of our athletes in the recruiting process. At ST7, the success of each athlete is our greatest reward.

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