Mini Club Season

Mini Club is a program designed to help young athletes develop their volleyball skills while training and competing with a team. The season runs August through October. Tryouts occur in August and teams practice twice a week, typically on Monday and Wednesday evenings. Teams will compete in four tournaments. Depending on the level of the teams the play may be developmental or competitive. Athletes ages 12U – 14U of all skill levels may tryout, if they are not on a varsity high school team roster. Teams are formed by age promoting learning and experience like club volleyball and preparing the players to participate and tryout for the club season and future school teams. Mini club fees for the season are $500. Our mini club fees are all inclusive. You will find no hidden costs. ST7 mini club players receive a complete uniform package including two practice shirts, one jersey, one pair of spandex, and a pair of knee pads. The mini club fee will be split into installments.

Club Season

Club volleyball is a national program that offers young athletes the opportunity to both train and play volleyball beyond their normal school season. Club volleyball practice and tournament season runs from November through June for 12U - 17U and November through May for 18U. Athletes tryout in August (15U – 18U) or October (14U – 10U) and are placed on teams based upon both skill and age level. Teams typically practice twice a week on either Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday night and compete at various AAU and USAV one to three-day tournaments throughout the state and nation based upon their team’s level. Higher level teams will travel further and may require overnight stays. Other teams will travel within driving distance.
Club volleyball is an excellent place for athletes to perfect their skills, increase their leadership capabilities, and improve their teamwork. Club volleyball is vital for young athletes to work towards college team placement and scholarships. Playing club volleyball and competing in tournaments, exposes young athletes to a greater number of college scouts and recruiting opportunities. Athletes on 15U – 18U teams at ST7 are provided with a state-of-the-art recruiting profile through SportsRecruits and personalized recruiting guidance. ST7 club coaches are professionals with immense knowledge of the game from both a player’s and coach’s perspective. All ST7 coaches are IMPACT certified. IMPACT stands for increased mastery and professional application of coaching theory; this certification ensures that our coaches continue to grow in the knowledge and mastery of best coaching practices. Our coaches are also SafeSport certified ensuring their abilities to support their athletes both on and off the court. ST7 holds their coaches to high standards of ethical and professional behavior and every coach has undergone a full background check. Our coaching staff is committed to excellence and their greatest reward is the success of your athlete. Coaches will be assigned to teams after tryouts. Athletes and parents will be aware of the coaching assignment prior to their commitment. ST7 Volleyball strives to give the best value to our club members. We know that playing club volleyball is a great financial commitment and will do all that we can to provide a top of the line volleyball experience for a value driven price. We currently have several packages for our club volleyball teams. The packages range in price from $1,700 to $3,500. The package for each team/athlete will be determined based upon three factors: age, skill level, and positions. Teams who will compete in regional AAU only tournaments will be in the lower price point, teams who will compete in both AAU and USAV tournaments regionally will be at the mid- price point, and teams that will compete in AAU and USAV tournaments including Qualifiers and travel will be at the higher price point. Your team’s competitive level and package will be determined based upon tryouts and communicated to athletes and parents/guardians prior to commitment. These packages will include all club fees, a payment schedule, and a list of package included items. Our club fees are inclusive. You will find no hidden costs. ST7 club players receive a complete uniform package including practice shirts, jersey, spandex, socks, pair of knee pads, warm up long sleeve, jacket, warm up pants, backpack and one pair of quality volleyball shoes. Two practices per week and all tournament fees excluding the USAV Nationals are covered in our club fees, as well. USAV Nationals are not included in the club fees because teams must qualify and receive a bid from USAV to participate. If an ST7 team qualifies, it will be up to the team and its members to decide whether to accept the bid and incur additional fees related to this tournament. ST7 offers many other training opportunities to our club members at a special discounted ST7 member price but these trainings are completely optional.
ST7 Volleyball rents court space at Faith Lutheran in Eustis and at the Big House in Tavares for our club team practices. Choosing a club for your young athlete is an important decision. It is vital that you consider all aspects of a club including their philosophy, quality of coaching, dedication to their players, recruiting platform, and financial value. We stand committed to our mission to teach and serve through sports guided by God. For our coaches and staff the ultimate reward is the success of each and every one of our athletes, both on and off the court. ST7 strives to work hand in hand with our athletes and their parents to help them achieve their goals; whether that is to make their high school volleyball team or to play at the college and professional level. ST7 is blessed with a team of committed and passionate coaches who are top level athletes and accomplished club and school coaches themselves. Success at ST7 is measured not only in tournament wins, but in superior sportsmanship in both triumph and loss. Our athletes leave our program as models of athleticism, leadership, and teamwork.

Elementary Clinics

This 9 week program has been designed to promote fun and enjoyment while progressing our youngest athletes through the skills and game knowledge that they need to continue growing as an athlete. This program is specifically designed to meet the needs of our athletes in 3rd - 5th grade. This program will accept a limited number of athletes to continue the safest possible training situation for our athletes, coaches, staff, and families. As with all of our recent programs, once the program is full we will begin a wait list. The program's training sessions will take place every Monday, October 12th through December 14th. *We will not meet on Monday, November 21 due to the Thanksgiving holiday. Register early to secure your spot. Progressive Skill Development: ST7 believes that our youngest athletes must focus on developing hand-eye coordination, mental and physical agility, and basic body movements. Each of these will be incorporated in our progressive 9 week elementary program. • Each session will use the appropriate size ball and net height for our elementary athletes. •Each session will be focused on one to two primary volleyball skills. • Each session will be a natural progression of these skills. Through increased repetition emphasizing correct core techniques each athlete can achieve maximum personal growth throughout the 8 weeks. Competitive Game Play Situations: The goal of these competitive situations is to give all of our athletes more on-court experience and most importantly to have fun! • At the end of each session we will work on competitive game play situations. These competitive skill drills and games will vary each session. Register Today!

Private and Semi Private Lesson

ST7 Private and Semi - Private Lessons are one-hour lessons designed with your athlete’s specific needs in mind to help them take their game to the next level. Each lesson is directed by the elite ST7 coach of your choice and will refine the details of your athlete’s skills through maximum repetition, allowing your athlete to reach their optimum level of play. For semi-private lessons, athletes must provide their own partner(s). Private and Semi-Private lessons are offered in both indoor and beach volleyball and may be booked online.

Private lessons are $65.00/hour.

Semi-private lessons range in price based on the number of athletes participating; for two athletes it is $50 per athlete, for three athletes it is $45 per athlete, for four athletes it is $35 per athlete per hour.

Packages and discounted prices are available to current ST7 Club Team Members.

To book your lesson simply email us at

Specialty Clinics

Specialty Clinics are one-hour training sessions focused on specific individual skills for High School athletes. Specialty Clinics are offered at various times throughout the year. Each training will focus on one of the following skills: serving, passing, or hitting. Specialty Clinic dates, times, and skill focus can be found in the upcoming programs area of our home page when one is scheduled to be offered. Specialty Clinics are $20 per session. Discounted price is available to current ST7 Club Team Members.

Position Training

Position Training is an advanced group training session focusing on specific volleyball positions. Position training is offered at various times throughout the year. Each training will focus on one of the following positions: setter, libero, or hitter. Position training dates, times, and position focus can be found in the upcoming programs area of our home page when one is scheduled to be offered.

Position Training is $35 per session. Discounted price is available to current ST7 Club Team Members.

Beach Club Season

Beach Club Season is a program for athletes who are ready to play beach volleyball competitively and possibly earn a scholarship in the future. These athletes will train twice a week and will be expected to compete in at least 3-4 tournaments with their team. The season runs from May to July.

Beach club fees for the season are $660. Our beach club fees are all inclusive. You will find no hidden costs. ST7 beach club players receive a beach jersey and two practices per week with seasoned professional volleyball coaches. The beach club fee will be split into installments. Discounted Beach Club fee will be available to current ST7 Club Team Members.

Beach Training

Beach Training is a program designed for the intermediate to beginner beach volleyball athlete. Beach Training is for athletes who are looking to improve their overall physical conditioning and on court skills through cross training on the sand but may not be quite ready or have the time to compete in a full Beach Club Season. Beach Training is one hour once a week from May to July. These athletes will have the option to team up and compete at a tournament if they choose.

Beach training is $20 per session with a discounted price available for those who sign up for a complete package of sessions.


ST7 Volleyball Camps are intensive three-day training programs designed to meet the needs of every level of volleyball player. Camps are offered in the fall during Thanksgiving break, in the spring during spring break and several times during the summer.

Camps dates, times and cost can be found in the upcoming programs area of our home page when one is scheduled to be offered. Discounted price is available to current ST7 Club Team Members.

Middle School Clinics

Middle School Clinics are one-hour training sessions designed for our middle school athletes. These clinics will emphasize correct technique and posture, body movement, footwork, and various volleyball skills starting with the fundamentals and progressing to more advanced skills. Middle School Clinics are offered once a week from August through October. Athletes may sign up for single sessions or book a package one month at a time. The dates for each month will be posted at the beginning of the month in our upcoming programs area of our home page.

Middle School Clinics are $20 per session. Discount packages available in months where 3 or more clinics are offered.