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2019 ST7 Spooktacular

Information and Schedules


We are delighted that your club will be joining us for this fantastic one day tournament!  There will be 54 teams playing in a 1 day format.  We are looking forward to a great tournament!  If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us. 


Schedules: The schedules for the 2019 ST7 Spooktacular are now available.  To view your team's schedule, please click on your team name below.  Teams are responsible for knowing their playing and officiating assignments. 

Location: The Big House (1544 Lane Park Cutoff Tavares, FL 32778) *ST7 is renting court space from The Big House, all inquiries should be directed to ST7 Volleyball. 

Coaches Information: Wristbands for coaches will be available at the tournament site.  Please be advised that ONLY coaches listed on the roster will be provided wristbands, not team representatives or chaperones and that a maximum of 3 coach's wristband will be provided per team.  All coaches must present ID to receive their wristband. 


Referees: We are providing professional up refs but coaches must bring their whistle and do the down reffing duties. 


Officiating Assignments: ST7 will provide professional up refs but coaches must bring their whistle and do the down reffing duties.  Each team is responsible to provide two line judges, a libero tracker, a scorekeeper, a scoreboard operator, and a down ref. 


Rosters: Please be aware that all signed AAU team rosters with athlete’s jersey #’s and any modifications to the official team roster must be submitted to ST7 by Wednesday, 10/2/19 via email. 


Warm up Balls: Warm up balls will be provided for all teams. Please do not bring balls to the facility.   


Awards: Medals will be awarded to the first place team in each pool.  


Athletic Trainer: The Big House will provide a professional trainer on the premises.  If medical attention is needed, please do not hesitate to go to the training room or ask for the trainer.   

Spectator Wristbands - CASH ONLY: Spectator wristbands will be available at the tournament location for $8 CASH ONLY.  We will not be accepting credit card transactions for entrance and there is NOT an ATM at the facility so please come prepared.  All spectators ages 10 and under will be free. Doors will open at 7:15 AM.  


Facility Rules: No coolers, food, drinks, thermal or refillable cups/bottles/containers, or outside chairs allowed within the facilities.  Only single use bottles of water and gatorade are allowed within the facilities.  Single use bottles of water or single use bottles of sports drink must be carried into the facility in the athlete's backpack.  A full concessions will be available.  The concessions will take cash and credit card. 


Parking: Parking will be available for free in the Big House parking lot, first come, first serve.  There will be overflow parking directed by Big House staff in the grass next door and at Tavares Middle School.  Please do not park anywhere nit directed as you may get towed. 


Sportsmanship: ST7 is dedicated to providing the best experience for all of our athletes, coaches, referees, volunteers, and fans.  In order to do this we ask that each team and club remind their athletes, coaches, and fans that they are expected to be role models of good sportsmanship.  Please show respect to all other fans, athletes, referees, directors, coaches, and volunteers.  We will not tolerate any unsportsmanlike behavior by any participant or spectator at ST7 events.  Any unsportsmanlike behavior can result in being ejected from the tournament facility and/or disqualificaton of a team. 

If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact us at  We look forward to hosting your club!

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